Matt Feazell

Matt Feazell is an American cartoonist from Hamtramck, Michigan, primarily working in minicomics. He is best known for his wryly humorous The Amazing Cynicalman series and the “stick figure” art style he uses for it. Feazell appears in the introduction to Scott McCloud’s book Understanding Comics, in which Feazell’s work is cited as an example of “iconic” art taken to its greatest degree.

In addition to self-publishing Cynicalman, Feazell’s work has been published by Caliber Press, Fictioneer Books, Last Gasp, Eclipse Comics, First Comics and Nickelodeon magazine. From 2004–2007, he was a regular contributor to Disney Adventures magazine with his strip “Dizzy Adventures.” He’s currently promoting his current project, “Spud and Ernie: Into The Cynicalverse!”

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