Mark Kistler

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Emmy award winning PBS Artist Mark Kistler has taught millions of people around the world how to draw in 3-D.  He has starred in the PBS children’s series “The Secret City With Commander Mark” 1988, “The Draw Squad” 1995, and “The Imagination Station” 2012 in which he won an Emmy Award. 

Over a million of his best selling How-to-draw books have sold around the world! Millions have drawn with him on his Public Television Series, his Amazon Prime Streaming series, and his YouTube channel. Now this new generation can learn to draw with Mark at DRAW3d.con!

Mark has presented his “Draw! Draw! Draw!” LIVE interactive draw-along K-12 Visual Arts performances at over 4,000 schools, Art Museums, Universities, and Comic Cons around the world.

Many of Mark’s past students have Directed and Animated hit movies such as Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Toy Story! Tangled, Frozen, Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man.  Marks past students created the animation company Pixar, as well as winning Oscars and Emmys for their animation work.  Marks past students have also gone on to engineering and architecture, designing The Los Angeles Cathederal, Manahatten skyscrapers, components for the International Space Station, and the Mars Landers.

Mark is now teaching the new generation of comic illustrators, digital game designers on his enormously popular LIVE Daily Webcast on Facebook. He is currently on his 170th consecutive webcasting day of his “One Drawing A Day No Matter What!” 1,000 day challenge.


ALL THREE DAYS at 2:30 pm in Grand Gallery D

The Magic of Drawing

The host of PBS’ “Imagination Station” will doa drawing demonstration for beginners and experts alike.