Marion G Harmon

I’m Marion G. Harmon (G. for George, Marion for my great-grandfather), a former financial advisor in Las Vegas with advanced degrees in Literature and History. Don’t ask. I have written casually all my life, and in 2011 I self-published my first novel, Wearing the Cape. Its sequel, Villains Inc., was also written and released episodically in 2011, and a spin-off book, Bite Me: Big Easy Nights, was published in 2012.  The third WtC book, Young Sentinels, was published in 2013. A free look at WtC is available on Amazon (Wearing the Cape: The Beginning); this blog is more about reading, writing, and anything else I want to share. As such, it will be split between book reviews (including older books I just have to share), writing and industry talk, and anything else I feel worth mentioning. I enjoy the chance to answer questions and respond to comments, and appreciation expressed on Amazon is always welcome.

My blog is here.