Marilynn Race

Booth B-4

I’ve been creating digital art for nearly 13 years, and I’ve been professionally doing art for almost 10 of those years. I grew up when comics and comicbook movies were becoming popular. Their presence were becoming more of a norm in media. And so comics, movies, and video games have always been a huge source of inspiration for me. I constantly work in hopes to be someone’s inspiration myself one day.

My art is done with both physical and digital mediums, depending on what the piece calls for. My work is focused on character and concept designs, as well as facial expressions. I tend to bounce between fanworks and original content, whatever gets my creative flow going. That means it’s always fun to see where I was artistically 5 years ago, and thinking about where it will be in 5 years from now.

Links to where art is posted and available for purchase: