League of Enchantment

Exhibit Hall A

The League of Enchantment was started after visiting a little boy with a terminal disease.  Meeting him and seeing how he reacted to seeing his favorite characters in real life made a lasting impression.  His smile could light up any room he was in; his parents told us they had not seen him smile the way he did when seeing us in a long time.

We grew attached to him and his family, made regular home visits in full costumes, and saw what we could do for that family and for the little boy in the moments we were there.  Letting him escape his pain for a bit, and just smile.  We want to be able to provide that escape for as many children as possible.

We have both Super Heroes, Super Villains and Princesses available for your event. We pride ourselves on professionalism and enjoy helping others. The league was born of the desire to make kids happy and adults smile. We have been guests at comic conventions, hospitals, community outreach, have participated and worked with a variety of groups including Make-A-Wish and The American Cancer Society.

Our official website is here. Our Facebook page is here and our Twitter page is here.


Friday at 2:00 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook F

Meet the Cosplay Guests

Want to get to know our cosplay guests and what drives their cosplay passions? Have specific questions for one of our guests? Come meet the cosplay guest and find out!

Friday at 3;30 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook F

Knightmage, The Bignickk, and Shamus Smith

Cosplay and Charity

Come learn the many ways you can turn the hobby you love into a charitable act of love.

Saturday at 11:30 am in Grand Gallery Overlook F

Cosplay Guests

Cosplay 101

Have questions about how to start cosplaying? Questions about how to pick who to cosplay or where to find wigs? Please join our cosplay guests for a little Cosplay 101!