LimningHouse Illustration

Artist Alley Booth E-3

Native to Grand Rapids, and graduate of Kendall College of Art & Design, Kat VanderWeele works as a freelance artist under the handle LimningHouse Illustration. Full-time artist and full-time parent, VanderWeele juggles the adventures of freelance illustration from their in-home studio, alongside two young artists-in-training. VanderWeele utilizes a variety of media in their work, including gouache, colored pencil, acrylic, digital, and mixed-media.
VanderWeele enjoys creating art that entwines with the imaginary, often depicting elements of nature, original characters, and old world aesthetics. The whimsical themes of their work derive from an interest in children’s book illustration and visual storytelling. VanderWeele’s work has been featured in various venues throughout West Michigan, and is sold locally out of Gallery 154, as well as through the LimningHouse online shop. Examples of their work can be found at, and on Instagram @LimningHouse.