Leo Leibelman

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Leo Leibelman began his professional career for Marvel comics in the pages of Savage Sword of Conan. Where he provided painted covers and interior artwork. From there Leo went on to work for Acclaim comics. Working on such titles as Turok Dinosaur Hunter and Magic the Gathering.
From there he later did some work for Topps comics on the Hercules trading card series.

Leo eventually moved to Toronto Canada and found himself working in the film industry as a storyboard and concept artist on numerous films. Such as: “Codebreakers Chicago”, “Mutant X”, “Earth Final Conflict”, just to name just a few. While working in films Leo also did some covers for romance novels and educational CD roms. In recent years Leo has made his way back into the comic book field ,with work in Heavy Metal magazine .

An interior painting for the recent Planet of the Apes book and most notably the official Indiana Jones poster for the international museum exhibit. Leo still works in a traditional style with oil paints and tries to maintain a photo realistic style to his artwork. In the hopes that viewers can appreciate the effort that he puts into every painting.

Leo’s website is here.


Sunday, November 13

Grand Gallery D

12:00 pm

Leo Leibelman

Storyboarding For Hollywood Films and TV Shows

Leo Leibelman has created storyboards for several TV shows and movies, and he will step you through the basics of this, what kind of job to expect, and the expectations that one must meet to keep the client happy.