Larry Houston

Booth C-7

​I started out as a Systems Analyst for McDonnell Douglas, Data General, and various other computer repair firms. Filmation Studios was my first animation job. To Filmation’s credit, when they hired me as a Storyboard Artist, I became the FIRST Black Saturday Morning Storyboard Artist hired for that position in Hollywood, California. I subsequently worked at almost all the L.A. animation studios over the next three decades. With time and experience, I wrote an episode of GI JOE (“Hearts and Cannons”) and an episode of SPIDERMAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS (“SWARM”),  various independent screenplays and plot outlines for THE REAL ADVENTURES OF JONNY QUEST and the PRYDE OF THE X-MEN.  

LarryToons Family Entertainment is my production company for the creation, development, and marketing of my ideas into the marketplace. 

You can find my website here.


Professional Photo Op $45
X-Men: The Animated Series Reunion Professional Photo Op (all 10 guests) $330
Autograph and other prices will be displayed at event



12:00pm-1:30pmSigning Autographs
1:30pm-1:45pm X-Men: The Animated Series Group Professional Photo Op
1:45pm-2:30pmSigning Autographs
2:30pm-2:45pmSolo Professional Photo Op
3:00pm-4:00pmSigning Autographs
4:00pm-5:00pmNightcrawler – An X-Men: TAS Story
5:15pm-6:30pmSigning Autographs


10:15am-12:00pmSigning Autographs
12:15pm-1:15pmThe Art of Saturday Morning Cartoons
2:15pm-4:00pmSigning Autographs
4:15pm-4:30pm X-Men: The Animated Series Group Professional Photo Op
4:30pm-6:30pmSigning Autographs


10:30am-10:45am X-Men: The Animated Series Group Professional Photo Op
10:45am-11:30amSigning Autographs
12:30pm-1:30pmSigning Autographs
1:30pm-2:30pmThe Creation Of X-Men: TAS
2:45pm-3:15pmSigning Autographs
3:15pm-3:30pmSolo Professional Photo Op
3:30pm-4:00pmSigning Autographs


Friday, November 11

Main Stage in Steelcase Ballroom B

4:00 pm

Eric Lewald, Larry Houston, and Len Uhley

Nightcrawler – An X-Men: TAS Story

X-Men showrunner Eric Lewald, writer Len Uhley and producer-director Larry H. Houston discuss how they made “Nightcrawler,” a fan favorite, which was the first mainstream TV animation episode to explore issues of faith. Moderator: X-Men writer Julia Lewald.

Saturday, November 12

Main Stage in Steelcase Ballroom A

12:15 pm

Larry Houston

The Art of Saturday Morning Cartoons

Larry Houston worked in the art department on some of the most well-known Saturday morning cartoons. Join him as he tells tales about what all went into making some of our favorite cartoons of the ‘90s.

Sunday, November 13

Main Stage in Steelcase Ballroom B

1:30 pm

Eric and Julia Lewald, Len Uhley & Larry Houston

The Creation Of X-Men: TAS

Join the minds and hands behind the X-Men: The Animated Series stories, plans and episodes for a discussion of what you don’t see on the screen. We will cover the process of writing, creating, and seeing the story go from ideas to fruition on the screen, and everything in between.