Kristie Good

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Kristie Good, known on the internet as Karmada Arts, is known for her richly shaded marker drawings, books, and comics! Having been partially self-taught along with a bit of classical teachings, she often leans towards the side of traditional materials such as Copic markers and ink. Drawing in a manga-style reminiscent of comics from Japan, she’s been drawing in this style for over 24 years! She has appeared in many conventions artist alleys throughout the Midwest, and loves finding new places to share her artwork and love of comics!

Kristie has also had the opportunity to publish a book called “Epic Cosplay Costumes” which is a guide on how to start making your own garments using simple shapes such as rectangles and circles. She not only wrote all the tutorials inside, but also illustrated and created the sample garments featured inside the book! As one of her passions is spreading knowledge, she also enjoys presenting how-to seminars at conventions, and loves teaching people about how to draw and make comics. She recently finished writing and drawing the comic SIGNAL, and is currently working on some longer form projects such as TalOS ( You can find her at various places around the internet:

Instagram @karmada_arts

Twitter @karmada_arts