Artist Alley Booth D-6

Kri Hackos or “krimanga” is a webcomic creator known for her series Middle Ground Crescent on Webtoon. She is well known on her social media accounts that showcase her artwork that include, but are not limited to, sketches, line art, finished illustrations, fanart, animations, and original work. She has an emphasis in digital artwork and believes with enough practice artists of any background can develop the skills that they dream of. 

Middle Ground Crescent is her most recent webcomic project and the pitch is as follows: “Would you trade your family and freedom for superhuman powers? Lacus Autumni is the vice-captain of Crescent, an organization that takes gifted children from their homes and trains them to protect the city. One day, Crescent’s greatest enemy, Lunar, disappears and gifts stop developing altogether. When Lacus randomly finds the one girl who can solve this mystery, will they save his organization? Or is it better to let it die…” Along with this series, Kri is currently developing a new webcomic series called Trashletes which will be uploaded weekly on Webtoon Canvas in 2023. 

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