The Grand Rapids Comic-Con will have a wide variety of activities and events for younger children to enjoy in between all the other events at the show. Make sure to spend some time with your little ones with these fun activities!

LEGOs Area

West Michigan LEGO Train Club (WMLTC) will display a large town/train layout with three trains running at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con in the main arena.  Make sure to bring your little ones to the LEGOs area in Exhibit Hall A and check out all the fun. For more information click here.


The entire creative team behind the graphic novel Anti-Hero (Kate Karyus Quinn, Demitria Lunetta, and Maca Gil) will be in attendance the entire weekend discussing their book with the fans and hosting a one of a kind panel on their later elementary school/junior high book filled with interesting characters and a few life lessons.

Gaming Zone

The Grand Rapids Comic-Con will have an area set up in Exhibit Hall A where children can check out some of the newest electronic games. Every game in this are will be rated “E for Everybody” and will be centered around our youngest gamers, so make sure to let your kids have a shot at playing some games. Also parents, it is a great way to try out some new games before purchasing!

Captain Wallace

Ahoy, mateys! Internet pirate and all-around scallywag Captain Wallace and his motley crew will be at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con entertaining the children with plenty of activities including a Saturday and Sunday story time in the middle of the show to help you kids decompress a bit from all the activities. You can find out more about the fine captain and his activities here.

The Static Squawk

Our ever-entertaining mascot and ambassador of fun will be roaming around the show the entire weekend posing for pictures and entertaining, so make sure to take time to get a picture with our ambassador of fun and frolic and enjoy some of his antics.


There will be a wide variety of panels and presentation for children of all-ages, much of it educational and informational. We will post a link in October for all children’s programming and post estimated ages for each panel.