Kevin P. West

Booth B-9

My name is Kevin P. West and I am a Freelance Artist. I was a pencil portrait Artist until around five years ago when I started inking and doing color work when I started drawing sketch cards for Topps. I have worked on trading cards for properties such as Star Wars, Walking Dead, TMNT, MST3K, Krampus, Halloween, Dawn Of The Dead, Chucky, Evil Dead, Terminator 2 & House Of A 1000 Corpses just to name a few. I love all things Horror & Sci-fi! I have also done logos, t-shirt designs and illustrations and love to have a wide variety of project to work on.

My goal with doing conventions is to make new contacts and friends and to just get my name and art out to as many eyes as I can. I would love to someday work on a children’s book and possibly draw album covers. I am very versatile but really do love drawing Horror.