Kevin Porter

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Kevin Porter is best known for playing Lazer in the hit comedy DODGEBALL and Bog on the daytime soap opera “General Hospital”.  Kevin has gone on to carve out a niche in the action and science fiction genres.  He has partnered with the production company Bat in the Sun and together they have almost 3 million subscribers and over a billion views.  He can be seen currently in the hit series “Salvage Marines” with Casper Van Dien and Amrna Assante. 

Mr. Porter is current promoting his new project “The Watchers”, in which he plays the lead Michael.

Mr. Porter’s social media presence is strong and current with 50K on Instagram and millions of views per video on YouTube.  He is extremely interactive with his fans.

You can find Kevin’s Instagram here and his Facebook is here. His YouTube channel Bat In The Sun is here.

“The Watchers” is an 8 episode series about The Archangel Michael who is sent to earth and discovers the Devil’s plot to stop a newly forming revival.  Michael must battle the Devil and his minions to protect those who are called to lead the revival. In secret, the Devil hunts for the Blade of Jezebel, a weapon that has the power to kill supernatural beings.

“The Watchers” can be streamed on Redeem TV. You can download the app here.