Kevin Epling

Booth B-3

With over thirty years of film and video experience, it was time to turn those talents to shine a light on my other passion: collecting. The characters we collect, reflect the personalities of the owners and, I just allow the toys to live in the worlds we imagine. Catching that essence in one frame is the challenge. Toy photography is now one of the fastest growing segments of toy collecting.

Over the past two years, I’ve applied my techniques to give life to the inanimate. As the technologies have developed to make the toys we love into miniature works of art, I build on that and create the worlds they inhabit. Each set is designed, built and constructed with the final image in mind.  I also strive to create all of the visuals in a practical manner. Photoshop is only used for color management. Thereby combining Toys, Lighting and Dioramas into “One-Shot” in-camera works of Art.