Kevin Eastman


Booth 442

Appearing Saturday and Sunday only!

Kevin is not accepting commissions at this time. Kevin will be doing autographs at the event only.

Born in Portland, Maine in 1962 Kevin Eastman began drawing at a very young age copying children’s books and reading comics. Inspired by master storyteller Jack Kirby, and later by self publishing creators Richard Corben, Vaughn Bode, and Dave Sim, all of his early work focused more on Science Fiction influences than traditional Superhero style comics.

In 1982, while trying to sell some of his illustrations to local fanzines, he met Peter Laird in Northampton, Massachusetts and the partnership studio; Mirage Studios was formed. Less than a year later in the middle of a late night jam session, Eastman doodled a new character he dubbed a “Ninja Turtle” to make Laird laugh—several sketches a final drawing of four characters later “Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” had officially entered the universe!

Self published in May of 1984 the first issue sold out of its 3000 copies overnight and quickly became a fan favorite. Catching the eye of Merchandising Agents and Hollywood Producers, Eastman and Laird maintained full control of their creations while guiding them through Toy Licensing, TV Series adaptation, as well as Feature Film exploitation, and by 1989 the TMNT’s were number one in all three categories.

Thanks to “THE BEST FANS ON THE ENTIRE PLANET!” according to Eastman, after 30 amazing years the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles STILL continue to find their way into the hearts and imaginations of kids, large and small.

In between TMNT projects, Eastman found time to establish the “Words and Pictures Museum of Cartoon Art”, created an artist friendly publishing company, “Tundra Publishing” where projects like “The Crow” “From Hell” and “American Splendor” first flourished, as well as purchased world renowned “Heavy Metal Magazine.”

Currently spending most of his creative time working on a new TMNT series with IDW Publishing, Eastman resides in San Diego with wife, Courtney (aka First Lady of the Turtles), son Shane, as well as a few insane Dachshunds.


Autographs: First autograph free of charge, each additional $20

Professional Photo Op: $30



11 am to 1 pm signing in booth 442

1:15 pm celebrity photo-op in 010

1:30 pm panel on Main Stage

2 to 4 pm signing in booth 442


10 am to noon signing in booth 442

12:15 pm celebrity photo op in 010

2 to 4 pm signing in 442


1:30 pm Saturday on Main Stage

The Creation Of Pop Culture Legends

The co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise will show a slideshow in relation to his career and take questions from the audience.