Kerrigan Mahan

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Kerrigan Mahan is a prolific voice actor whose work has spanned four decades.

Kerrigan started in voice acting in the 1980’s and jumped head first into anime. He played Terry in 65 episodes of “Captain Harlock and the Queen of a Thousand Years” and several characters in 85 episodes of the prolific “Robotech”. Other series where he loaned his voice in the 1980’s include “Dragon Ball” and the American kids classic “Alvin and the Chipmunks”. Kerrigan also voiced characters in several anime movies, including Rei Ginsei in Vampire Hunter D, Jiji in Kiki’s Delivery Service, and various voices in My Neighbor Totoro.

Kerrigan singed a deal with Saban in the early 1990’s where he voiced characters in two of their new shows being distributed in the United States. He voiced Jeb the dog in “V.R. Troopers” for the run of the series. However, it was Kerrigan’s portrayal of Goldar, the powerful yet overconfident monkey warrior loyal to Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd in “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” and “Power Rangers Zeo”, that gave him the role in which he is most famous. Kerrigan also voiced Goldar again in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

Kerrigan has also voiced other characters in the Power Rangers mythos, including the original Magna Defender in “Power Rangers Lost Galaxy”, Chameliacon in “Power Rangers Time Force”, and Monitor Org in “Power Rangers Time Force”. He has also returned to voice Goldar in the new video game Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid.

Kerrigan has done support voices in numerous series since Power Rangers, including Edwin Alva in “Static Shock” and Benny Haha in “Duel Masters”. Other series that has included Kerrigan’s voice include “Family Guy”, “What’s New, Scooby Doo” and “Batman Beyond”.



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Power Rangers Villains Reunion

Barbara Goodson (voice of Rita), Kerrigan Mahan (voice of Goldar), Paul Freeman (Ivan Ooze), Paul Schrier (Bulk), Jason Narvy (Skull), and Vernon Wells (Ransik from “Time Force”) discuss their roles as the bad guys in the Power Rangers franchise and their endless battle against those goody goody Rangers.