Ken Johnson

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My name is Ken Johnson and i’m a Writer and comic creator originating from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have built a following and name for myself and my company, Deadmen Ink Productions, over the last few years with everything from podcasts, professional Cosplay photography, and of course, written books.

Over the last two years, I have created the four book series “The Man Who Watched Batman”, a
series analyzing the entirety of the 1990’s show “Batman The animated series”. The books
tackle the entire show episode by episode, scene by scene, and even line by line or its 122
episode run. Continuing from that, current writing is being done for the upcoming projects “The
Man who Watched Superman” and “The Man who Watched Batman Beyond”.
In the world of Comic books, I recently released the first issue of my new Comic book series
“Corpse Corp.” Corpse Corp. is a high concept slasher comic made in Homage to the horror
comics of the 80’s and 90’s.


Sunday at 12:30 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook F

Ken Johnson and Emily Zelasko

Horror Comics and Micro Publishing

Ken and Emily are the  creative team behind the micro press title Corpse Corp, through Deadmen Ink. They will discuss the creative process and the unique challenges of running through a very small company for distribution.