Kelsey Neveu

Booth F-8

My name is Kelsey Neveu. I grew up in the Traverse City area, specifically in the tiny town of Beulah, but now reside in Grand Rapids where I work full time at River City Reproductions, a print shop. I’ve been very creative all my life and have always wanted to keep my hands busy drawing, so when I first started reading comics in middle school, drawing them is all I ever wanted to do. So having the opportunity to do a lot of work on comics in the past year has been an amazing experience. This included doing a lot of projects through Comfort and Adam, such as coloring for a Street Fighter card game and line correction on some Dooms Day comics. I’ve also been doing a lot of flatwork for Dearbhla Kelly, a comic colorist from Ireland who’s been working on the latest Dejah Thoris comics. It’s truly been an incredible year of work in addition to several conventions I’ve had the privilege of having an Artist Alley table at.

Recently I released Issue #1 of my comic, “Heaven Help Us.” I actually described it in my application last year before it was released, and now it’s out in the world both online and in person. It’s an urban fantasy series in which bodies have plummeted from the sky to the Earth, causing people all around the world to have many questions. Things only become more confusing when these bodies are found with virtually no diseases or health problems. The ones that survived the fall, however, seem to all carry a very dark illness with transformative properties. I’ll certainly be selling this comic at the table in addition to prints, stickers, and traditional commissions done in pen and marker.