Kel Neveu

Artist Alley Booth A-7

Hey there, my name is Kel and I am a comic creator! I’ve been coming up with unique stories
and characters for most of my life. It’s an absolute joy to create a character and delve into their
complex personalities, their background, their world, and their story while simultaneously
illustrating it all. It’s all I have ever truly wanted to do with my life so creating comics seemed like
a very natural career path for me. My only hope in making comics is that I can make a few faces
smile along the way! …Or cry, depending on the story I create.

At my table you’ll see prints of characters you may recognize as well as my own original
characters and random illustrations. Truthfully, I just really love drawing ethereal, floral, and
colorful things – drawings that I think would look nice on a wall, or sometimes a mug or sticker.
Someday I hope to have my comic at a convention table too, but for now you can see any and
all visual progress on my Instagram. Go check out my art or feel free to stop by and chat!