Saturday, November 13

7:30 pm to 11:55 pm

Grand Gallery Overlook E-F

Come sing your heart out in a fun, casual, and judgement free setting! We have all kinds of music and a wifi hotspot to pull down even more from the internet and an aux cable to use music from your phone! We will also have a contactless karaoke form that will ensure compliance with any state or local guidelines that may still be in place.

About Your DJ

Michael Wolf of Aeonica Cosplay

My name is Michael and I’m Aeonica Cosplay. I travel across the United States hosting events, panels, photoshoots and karaoke sessions at Anime, Comic, and hopefully soon Renaissance Festivals!

I love the communities and make efforts to attend many events beyond those which I host activities at. I love trying new things and visiting new places.

The farthest I’ve ever travelled for an event was Cosplay Matsuri in beautiful downtown Manila!

You can find Aeonica Cosplay on Twitter here, Facebook here, and on Youtube here