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How To Get On The Press List


Press Pass Applications will go live on September 1st and close on October 27th at 5pm

How To Get Press Passes To The Show

You will receive an email about a month before our events which tells you that it is time to apply for press credentials. At that time please send us press credentials, which is a letter from the editor of your publication and evidence that your press outlet is current by sending us a link to the website or a copy of the publication. “Current” is defined as at least monthly for a printed magazine/newspaper or weekly for a podcast/blog unless you exclusively cover conventions then we will make a case by case decision.

If you are a freelance photographer and/or reporter then you must verify that you are covering the event for a specific publication with written correspondence from the editor. We will not give out press credentials to freelance reporters who are not covering the event for a specific news outlet.

How Many Tickets Can I Get?

We limit two tickets per news outlet. If you are a TV station that has more than one news broadcast then your staff will have to give the badges to the next covering crew or leave them at our press desk for the next crew. You are welcome to film, but if you are planning to shoot any celebrity footage you must ask permission from the celebrity before doing so.

How Do I Get An Interview With The Ownership Of The Convention?

Event director/co-owner Mark Hodges always welcomes interviews. You may contact him directly at and then you can schedule an interview.

How Do I Get An Interview With A Hollywood or Comic Celebrity At The Event?

You are welcome to send an interview request to and we will pass it along to the celebrity’s management. It is up to the management’s discretion and the celebrity’s schedule on whether or not any interviews are granted. Sorry, but we can not guarantee any interviews with specific Hollywood, comic, or literary celebrities. Interviews have to be conducted during the celebrity’s off time.

Is There A Place To Conduct Interviews At The Event?

We will have a small, enclosed room that will be set up for press interviews. We will provide a table with a  few chairs and electricity, but the rest is up to you; if you are filming you may want to bring a light source for better filming. Make sure to make an appointment for the press room if you have a need at, whether you are using it for a celebrity interview or a podcast.

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