JustaSuta Art + Design

Artist Alley Booth D-6

Hey, I’m JustaSuta, a freelance Illustrator from the Midwest who loves everything fantasy and animals! I create kinetic pieces with loud colors and a unique atmosphere; most of my work is digital but I still occasionally draw or paint traditionally to create my illustrations. Of course, I love creating fanart of my favorite stuff, Pokemon and My Little Pony especially since I grew up with them. In fact, now I do variant covers for the IDW MLP comics! I also have plans to make my OWN graphic novel in the future that takes place in a magical world filled with colorful (literally) animal characters – I’m sure you can see the influences of my favorite media!

In addition to illustrations that I sell as prints, I like making cute stickers, cool charms, notebooks and occasionally other stuff like necklaces and cosmetic bags. You can find me on most social media – such as the ones below – under the name JustaSuta! I sell my merch and designs on Etsy and have an on-demand print store on Inprnt.com, both also under JustaSuta.
My curated portfolio is visible at justasuta.com; I’m always open to commissions or work