Jupiter Experience

Hall A, Booth A-14

The Jupiter Experience features a full size recreation of the original Jupiter 2 Flight Deck
from the original Lost In Space TV Show. The flight deck is fully automated with lights
and sound.

Also featured is the largest collection of screen used props and costumes from the series.
The original props include:

  • Space Helmet worn by June Lockhart and Warren Oates
  • Roman Helmet worn by Jonathan Harris and also used in “Time Tunnel” and “Star Trek: TOS”
  • Two Original Costumes from 3rd Season “Promised Planet” episode
  • Original Control Replicator Box also used in “Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea” and “Batman 66” (Bat Cave)

Featured with the display is a massive four-foot filming model of the Jupiter 2. A replica space suit, helmet, laser pistols, rifles and assorted props are also part of the collection. The Costumes of Lost In Space: 1st, 2nd and 3rd season costume replicas are also presented.

Also included is a full-sized replica of the B-9 robot from the original TV show. Make sure to get a picture!

The 1960’s toys of Lost In Space are also part of the collection.

The Jupiter 2 Flight Deck has appeared at The Neil Armstrong Space Museum in 2018. The Jupiter Experience has also been featured on several television shows, including MeTV’s “Svengoolie” in October 2018 and “Collector’s Call” featuring Lisa Whelchel as host in 2021. The Flight Deck and collection has been featured in March 2021“Retro Fan Magazine”.

The Jupiter Experience will also feature an extended history of the Lost In Space franchise, including a look at the 1973 and 2003 animated pilots, the Netflix “Lost In Space” television show from 2018-2021, the “Lost In Space Forever” television special, and the 1998 movie adaptation.