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Julie Dolan is an actress, musician, and voice actor from Los Angeles, California.

In Julie’s voice career, she has quickly become know as the Voice of Princess Leia Organa.  Her many voice credits include “Princess Leia” in Star Wars Rebels,

“Princess Leia of Alderaan” in Star Tours – The Adventure Continues (aka. Star Tours 3D) at all of the Disney theme parks,) “Princess Leia” in the animated series Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, “Princess Leia” in Star Wars Uprising  and “General Leia” in both Disney Infinity 3.0’s The Force Awakens and Star Wars Battle Pod Arcade Game – The Force Awakens.

Additionally, she has been the voice of “Baby James” on the TV series Sofia, The First and voice characters on Cowboy Bebop. Her commercial work includes, Keytar Hamster in the KIA Soul Commercial, On-Star, Walmart, Pizza Hut, and Pet Smart to list a few.

As a stage and screen actress, Julie has appeared in many TV shows including Dexter, Without a Trace, Strong Medicine, The Twilight Zone, and was a recurring character on The Gilmore Girls.  She performs in stage productions in Los Angeles.

She has also appeared in numerous comedy sketches on The Tonight Show and Conan.

Her work in film includes, “Chompy and the Girls” (filming now) “Tell Me I Love You” BASEketball, Beverly Hills Cop III, Starman, Detention, and the cult classic Blood Beach.

Julie tours regularly with several bands as a keyboardist and singer.

More about Julie can be found by using the links below.

Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/juliedolanvo

Official Website: www.juliedolan.com / www.juliedolanvo.com

Instagram: juliemdolan     

Twitter: @justcallmeleia

IMDB: http://www.imdb.me/juliedolan


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Friday at 4:30 pm in Grand Gallery A-C

Being A Princess In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Julie Dolan voices Princess Leia Organa in numerous Star wars video games and TV shows such as “Star Wars Rebels”. Julie discusses the challenges of voicing such an iconic character in the most known sci-fi franchise ever, the expectation from the fans versus her work, and what the galaxy has for her next.



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