Jody Parmann

Booth C-7

The BITTY BADDIES series is artist, Jody Parmann’s personal art therapy and passion project. She owns and runs a coffee shop called the Raven Café in Port Huron, with her husband, and shares two small children with him. As a mom and a boss, inevitably she is often has to be the “bad guy”.

Her style is influenced by Margaret Keane’s “big-eyed waifs. The BITTY BADDIES series features real and imagined villains re-imagined as sweet faced children, because ‘nobody is born bad.’

Jody Parmann is a designer and marketing professional by trade, so she is well-versed in both design and production. Her goal is to participate in a few mid-west conventions a year and sell high-quality BITTY BADDIES posters, post cards, pendants, pins, stickers, etc.