Jin Wicked

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Jin Wicked is a visual and performance artist, illustrator, podcaster, and writer who works with the guiding philosophy that “Life is art.” A veteran of the webcomics community, her most well-known work, “Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break,” launched in 2003, and was continued by later projects such as “A Dollar Late and A Day Short.” Her autobiographical work explores the complexity of identity and self-image in this modern age, and bridges the gap between colorful humor and darker subject matter such as anxiety, depression, and other mental illness.

In addition to comics, Jin produces studio art, crafts, the “Jin About Town” and “COMIC BROS” podcasts, and photography. She most recently has branched into acting, comedy, experimental music videos, and video blogging through her YouTube channel. Her computer and science-based illustrations have been featured in academic publications around the world, and she is also recognized for her loving and realistic portrayals of the pet rats she kept for many years.