Jen Cohn

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Jen Cohn is a mom, wife, voiceover performer, trend scout, fashion and branding consultant, copywriter, producer and story editor.  She can also be found singing, occasionally acting, walking everywhere, cooking, eating, laughing, talking, worrying, traveling, spinning, weight lifting, collecting egg cups, rummaging through flea markets, roller blading in Venice Beach, and drinking kirs in Paris.

Jen is currently known as the voice of Pharah in insanely popular Overwatch, but she has a history of voice over work in video games that spans over a decade. Jen voiced Lord Zash in Star Wars: The Old Republic and its sequel as well as Molly Malmsteen and numerous other voices in the Grand Theft Auto franchise and various voices for World Of Warcraft.

Jen’s pipes have also been featured in television shows and movies as well. One of Jen’s first acting gigs was to voice the character of celebrity Pamela Anderson Lee in an episode of the MTV cult show “Celebrity Deathmatch”. Jen also did numerous voices for the Adult Swim show “Assy McGee” and the PBS Kids show “WordGirl” as well as the recurring character Ursa on “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. She has also done a handful of movies and shorts as well including 2013’s Turbo as a news reporter.

Jen will also show up on the big screen soon as the mother of Emily Ratajkowski’s character in the soon to be released romance Cruise.

She lives with her husband, son and pet bearded dragon in New York City.

Her website is here and her Twitter account is here.


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Friday at 4:00 pm in Monroe Room

The Wonderful World Of Overwatch

Jen Cohn, the voice of Pharah in the Overwatch franchise, will discuss the trials and tribulations of the life of a voice actor in this franchise and how she combines her Hollywood career with being a wife and a mother.



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