Jamie Primack

Artist Alley Booth F-9

Jamie Primack is a Chicago-based comic artist, writer, and illustrator best known as the author and artist
of the sci fi comic series, BINARY STAR. She’s also a graduate of the first class at the International School
of Comics in Chicago, where she was taught comic art and illustration by award-winning industry
professionals such as Jill Thompson, Dan Dougherty, and Douglas Klauba. Inspired by her love of sci fi
and horror, Jamie’s artistic style combines futuristic technology with the aesthetics of gothic
subcultures. She utilizes various tools such as brushes, technical pens, dried ink, white out, gouache, gel
pens, and metallic paint. You can see more of her art at jamieprimack.com, as well as
facebook.com/theartofjamieprimack, jamieprimack.tumblr.com, and find her on Instagram and Twitter
When she’s not creating dark, cosmic illustrations, Jamie writes and illustrates her self-published comic
series, BINARY STAR. The series has been running online as a web comic for five years and eighteen
chapters. BINARY STAR, which tells the story of an interstellar bounty hunter forced to team up with an
alien outlaw, has had two successful Kickstarter campaigns resulting in paperback and hardcover
editions of the first two volumes of the series, and a second edition hardcover of Vol. 1. You can read
BINARY STAR online at tapas.io/series/binary star, facebook.com/binarystarcomic, and