Booth C-29

ILoveKimPossibleALot will be signing a commemorative 8×10 at her booth all weekend for free as supplies last.

Free ILoveKimPossibleALot coloring pages are also available for kids of all ages at her booth as supplies last.

ILoveKimPossibleAlot (more commonly known as KP) is a YouTube critic, artist/animator, entertainer, and media analyst. KP is known for being a funny, lively personality that takes analyzing and talking about character troupes to a fun extreme. With over 125,000 subscribers and 25 million lifetime views; she is known for her “meta” sense of humor, her wit, and her movie referencing power.

KP has always had a knack for reviewing and analyzing, and a general interest in understanding why people are drawn to media. She’s especially drawn to animation shows, having started her YouTube journey with the My Little Pony fandom. Within the fandom, she became known for her analysis of tough to understand characters and original pony animations. Her channel produces a range of animation (original animations, character analysis/video essays and reviews) and critiques of various animation/story lines/character development in all forms of media, but primarily animation.

KP’s Twitter feed is here and her Facebook is here.


Friday at 7:30pm in Grand Gallery A-C

Screening & Trivia With ILoveKimPossibleAlot

Bring your favorite pair of PJ’s, and enjoy a fun, laid back panel as we watch some episodes from the Disney channel hit show “Kim Possible” with YouTuber “ILoveKimPossibleAlot”! If you have seen the show before, or this is your first time watching it, expect a fun treat! Stay after for some Q and A with ILoveKimPossibleAlot, and Kim Possible themed trivia with special prizes!

Saturday at 3:00pm in the Monroe Room

Starting A Fan Project With ILoveKimPossibleAlot

Have you ever wanted to start any kind of fan project in your favorite fan community but don’t know where to start? Perhaps your idea requires others like fandom voice actors, artists, animators, and others in the field to help see your creative vision? But how do you find such people, and how do you make sure your project is a success?  Look no further! If you have dreams for a huge epic tale or just want tips on how to produce meaningful content, this is the panel for you! Join ILoveKimPossibleAlot in a workshop-like panel where we discuss the first steps of reaching out to others, making sure your ideas are good, and to make sure whatever project you reach for is a success! Since this is a discussion based panel, please plan to bring questions and see what it really takes to run a successful fan project!