Harrison Design and Concept

Photo/Javage Logan – Con Season Media

Tim Harrison aka HDC is a master level, award winning costumer, craftsmanship judge and industry fabricator who first got his start in August 2012. Practical effects, sculpting, casting, foamsmithing, leatherworking, 3D printing, some sewing and metal-work are just some of the skills he has brought to the table, along with being known for fine detail work and a cinematic level of finishing. Providing costume design and fabrication work for costumers, film, and theater, he has had work featured in Image and Marvel Comics, Chicago theater shows, and select films. He continues to spread his zest for life, knowledge, and love of the craft in the form of workshops, panels, and by sharing as much experience and information as he can. In 2017, Harrison Designs and Concepts, or HDC, was formally founded and continues to bring your fantasy to reality in 2020.






Photo/Javage Logan – Con Season Media