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Rob Miller

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Rob Miller has been involved in the artistic field for most of his life. His work can often be seen in convention arenas around his home state of Michigan. Rob's special effects makeup and fabrication skills caught the attention of one of the top rated shows on the SyFy network; FaceOff. Rob was a competitor for Face Off Season 8 - Return of the Champions. Miller made it through 9 of the 15 episodes and was asked to return to compete as part of one of three teams for the finale. Finalist, Darla Edin chose Rob, Stephanie Masco and Daniel Prado and together their team won the finale. Rob's work has also been featured in magazines such as Fangoria, and Amazing Figure Modeler and has also been seen on the nationally syndicated television program “Strange Universe”. He is an award winning master sculptor, creature designer and has also won awards for special effects makeup, set design and costume fabrication. You can find Rob’s Facebook page at

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