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Natalie Vaia

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My name is Natalie Vaia and I am a professional cosplayer. Since embarking on my cosplay journey in 2016, I've immersed myself in the fantastical worlds of comics, anime, video games, and more. I hail from the vibrant city of Pittsburgh, PA, where I turn fantasy into reality every day as a professional cosplayer. As a dedicated seamstress with a love for craftsmanship, I bring characters to life through intricate costumes. My toolbox doesn't stop at needle and thread; foam and other diverse materials are part of my arsenal, allowing me to add depth and realism to my creations. Each stitch and cut tells a story, imbuing my cosplays with authenticity and attention to detail. Cosplay isn't just my hobby—it's my full-time job. I manage an Etsy shop where I share my passion with the broader community, selling handcrafted cosplay pieces. Whether you're an experienced cosplayer or a novice just getting started, I believe in the power of cosplay to inspire, empower, and unite us. You can find me on Instagram at

Get tickets HERE for the
ItsAlexClark Comedy  Special.

Happening Friday, November 3rd at 7:30 PM

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