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Cory Hamscher

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From the great state of Indiana, Cory has been working in mainstream comics since 2001 with the release of Purgatori: Mischief Night #1 from Chaos! Comics. In 2002 Cory took over inking duties on G.I.JOE and G.I.JOE vs Transformers for Devil's Due Publishing and in 2006 he began working for Marvel. Over the next 15 years Cory worked on an array of titles including Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, X-Men Forever, X-Men '92, All-New Wolverine, Avengers Academy, All-New Ghost Rider, Skaar Son of Hulk and The Incredible Hulk. He also helped relaunch Supreme at Image Comics in 2012. In the last few years Cory has worked on Star Wars: Age of Resistance, Snake Eyes: Endgame, Prophet & Brigade #1 remastered editions, as well as this year's Deadpool Badder Blood.

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