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Doug Walker Doug is best known for his character The Nostalgia Critic, who reviews bad movies and TV shows connected to childhood. He's also noted for having a long standing "rivalry" with The Angry Video Game Nerd. He's appeared on PBS, Entrepreneur Magazine, New York Times, 20/20, Rifftrax, Honest Trailers, Cinema Sins, and was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year at the Mashable Awards as well as one of the Best YouTube Critics by He’s performed with Mike Nelson, James Rolfe, Mara Wilson, Dante Basco, Paul Dini, Andre Meadows, Rob Paulsen, Maurice Lamarche, Don Bluth, and has been praised by the late Roger Ebert. His image even appeared in the anime Zettai Karen Children and Sponge Bob Square Pants. He’s more than a God, but less than a man…or is it the other way around? Either way just watch him! He clearly needs the attention. Malcolm Ray Malcolm Ray is a SAG actor and voice actor represented by Stewart Talent. Graduating from Columbia College Chicago, Malcolm has shown proficiency in performance and behind the scenes. Known for nearly a decade of commercial voice over, Malcolm became a YouTube personality on Channel Awesome for Nostalgia Critic, Fanscription and a variety of abridged series. Now known as that 'devilish' smooth voice acting savant, he can be heard in various indie projects as well. Including The Black Sands (Apedemak), Lackadaisy Cats (Nicodeme), Bulletville (K-05), and TOME Rpg (Demon King). Tamara Chambers Tamara Chambers is a Chicago based performer who works as an actor for Channel Awesome. Aside from film, stand up, and cosplay, Tamara has found a love for Twitch and streams regularly. Come say hi, she’d love to know your favorite horror game! Rob Walker From Santa Christ to the Chart Guy, Rob Walker always plays a big role in the creation of the show Nostalgia Critic. He co-writes each episode, plays several hilarious characters, and also co-hosts the blog series Sibling Rivalry with his brother Doug. A contributing writer to FANSCRIPTION with Walter Banasiak, Rob always has a quick comeback (except when he doesn't). Walter Banasiak Walter Banasiak is a Chicago area filmmaker and content creator for Channel Awesome, Inc. Some of his recent film work includes CITY OF GOLD and the self-produced miniseries, THE INFINITY TRINITY. He's made online appearances in the popular long standing NOSTALGIA CRITIC series as well as writing and producing FANSCRIPTION and other shows for Channel Awesome. Jim Jarosz Jim Jarosz is an Actor, Writer, Director, producer, and production designer. Jim has been in charge of the Art Department at Channel Awesome and designed sets and props for the Nostalgia Critic, Top 5, Orbit Report, and the new web series Space Trash. Jim Jarosz is responsible for the company's sets, props, costumes and special makeup effects. He is the creator and producer of the show Awesome Build in which he showcases how he designs and builds props, makeup and costumes for various productions, most notably for the Nostalgia Critic. He also is the creator and producer of Awesome Build and Awesome Comics and The writer, Director and Star of the Sci-fi Web series Space Trash. Jim has appeared in several Nostalgia Critic episodes as a variety of characters, including the Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle Guy, Kylo Ren, and The Joker. Brad Jones For the past 16 years, Brad Jones has been the creator and star of the popular YouTube and Channel Awesome series The Cinema Snob, a satirical look at exploitation cinema throughout the decades. As well as portraying The Cinema Snob on a weekly basis, Brad also keeps very busy, as a film critic and has also written his first novel 'Class of '86.' Heather Reusz Heather is the resident Channel Awesome Twitch Queen and can be seen on camera throughout the week in addition to running tech behind the scenes for the live-streams. She first joined the cast of Channel Awesome in 2016 for the show Awesome Comics. Since then, she has also appeared in and written for Orbit Report, Top 5, and Nostalgia Critic. In addition to Channel Awesome, she has her own Twitch variety channel ( focusing mainly on story-driven games. When not gaming, Heather enjoys watching movies, TV shows, and anime and drinking craft beer with her friends. Find her on Twitter (@heatherreusz) or Instagram (@hreusz) Aiyanna Wade Aiyanna Wade (she/her) is a comedic performer, writer, and producer. You may recognize her from Channel Awesome's Top 5, Awesome Comics, or Nostalgia Critic (including Harley Quinn in NC's Suicide Squad, Beverley in NC's It Chapter 1 & 2, and one of the beloved Aww Girls). She also voices Becky and Sunny in the animated series Multiplex 10. Look forward to seeing Aiyanna in the upcoming web series Space Trash! Barney Walker The creative genius ultimately (or infamously) responsible for the Walker Brothers (after all, he IS their father) Barney is also the chief musician for Channel Awesome and works alongside Jim Jarosz creating props, sets, costumes, etc.. And when Doug needs a geezer in a review, Barney is reluctantly there, as in Pixels, Hocus Pocus, Face-off, Ghostbusters and his favorite (?) role, Bea Arthur in the Star Wars Christmas Special.

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