The Great Lakes Ghostbusters Coalition Is Coming To The Grand Rapids Comic-Con

Great Lakes Ghostbusters CoalitionWe are a Ghostbuster fan based group in Kalamazoo that believes by bringing smiles and good feelings to others, we are able to spread goodwill among many! The key to
true happiness for us is to be a part of the community and to help make a difference
either through volunteer services to appearing at many event fundraisers, such as
Children’s Hospital visits, Cancer awareness, MS awareness, Autism and many more.

We are always open to event invites for fundraising, Movie premiers, birthday parties,
adult parties, cooperate events and many more occasions. We are a non-profit group
and never require fees for appearance, but donations to a charity is always welcome.

Contact us on Facebook here. Our website is here and  here.


Saturday at 11:30 am in Downstairs Bar

Great Lakes Ghostbusters Coalition

We Want You!

Got ghosts? Find out more about your local chapter of the Ghostbusters, what kind of activities do they participate, and how you can get involved. Who ya gonna call?