Come check out the gaming scene upstairs at the Deltaplex and hop into one of the many game demos running all weekend long! There’s something for everyone – and if there’s a game you’d like to learn, but you don’t see a listed demo, just ask! We’d be thrilled to teach it to you.

Looking for a challenge? Try one of our “Escape Rooms in a Box” and test your time against everyone else’s! All you need to play is a group of friends and a smartphone so you can download the free app that interfaces with the game.

Gaming Department Hours

Friday: Noon – 8:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am – 7:00pm

Sunday: 10:00am – 7:00pm

Electronic Gaming

photo/Tori Hallwood

Whether you love consoles, computers, or cabinets, you’ll be able to find something to play in our electronic gaming area, powered by the Nexus Gaming Alliance!

NGA has operated their first-class electronic entertainment area at Anime Boston, GenCon, Awesome Con (Washington D.C.) and Origins, and they’re excited to be returning for another year at the Grand Rapids Comic Con. 

NGA is a combination of various talents brought together to form the ultimate experience in gaming. Come and check it out!

Board and Card Gaming

Open Gaming

Board Game Library

From quick and simple all the way to thought provoking strategy, our game library has something for everyone! Sample a huge variety of board and card games from dozens of different publishers and make some new friends. We’ll be running demos of popular games all weekend long (check the schedule in the gaming area or online once it’s posted), and we’re happy to take requests if there is something specific you’d like to learn that isn’t on our schedule.

Game Demos

Section 28 Publishing TTRPG Demos: Friday 4-7 | Saturday 12-3 & 3-6 | Sunday 10-1

Come and try something new! Talented Game Masters will be waiting to lead you on an adventure all weekend long. No experience required!

Tsuro – Friday at 1:00pm — Join up to 8 people in this fast paced and fun “game of the path!” In Tsuro, you lay tiles in order to build a path for your marker to follow, but be careful – you don’t want to run into another player or accidentally fall off the edge! This game is a low time commitment, so if you’d like a quick game before you head off to your next event, this is a great demo to fill the time with.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf – Friday & Saturday at 5:00pm, Sunday at 2:00pm — A werewolf is hiding among your quiet village and has been slowly picking off villagers one by one. In this wild hidden identity game, you will receive a secret role that will either mark you as a werewolf whose goal is to wipe out all of the villagers before you’re discovered, or as a member of the village whose job it is to seek out and banish the werewolves hiding among you. 

A game of Werewolf can accommodate around 10 players and takes about 30min to play, so bring your friends! We’ll teach you all of the rules and will moderate the game, so don’t worry if you’ve never played before!

Celestia – Friday at 3:00pm — How far can your expedition to the mythical island of Celestia get before your ship crashes? In this push-your-luck style game, you and up to 5 others will play as crew members of a flying contraption whose goal it is to explore these magical floating islands and collect treasure. But, beware – stay on the ship too long and you might just crash! A game of Celestia will run between 25 and 40 minutes.

Mysterium – Saturday at 12:00pm — Up to 6 paranormal investigators are sent to a rickety old mansion in order to determine the cause of death for a ghost haunting the area. In Mysterium, you either play as the ghost who gives “dreams” to the investigators, or as an investigator whose goal it is to determine who killed the ghost, in what room, and with what object. This game is sort of like Clue meets Dixit, and is a co-operative effort where you’ll all win together or lose together. Come give it a try!

Roll for It! – Saturday at 2:00pm — Want a quick and easy game to play with your family? Roll for It is the perfect one! It’s a great way to learn some math skills for younger players, and the excitement of rolling large groups of dice and trying to match the numbers to the cards in the middle is infectious. A game can play in about 15 minutes, so if you’re in a rush this is a great demo to fit into your day!

The Red Dragon Inn – Saturday at 12:00pm — Where do adventurers go to kick back and relax after a huge quest? To the Red Dragon Inn, of course! Play as a well-traveled adventurer fighting to be the last person standing as tavern brawls break out all around you. Of course, you’ve been imbibing, so if have too much to drink before you knock out that loud-mouthed barbarian next to you, you might find yourself in a heap on the floor! This funny game can accommodate up to 6 players and takes between 30 and 45 minutes.