Fil Romero

Booth E-7

I’m a freelance animator and character designer with a BFA in character animation from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. I currently work as a freelance Flash artist, but still try to keep up with my webcomic, Chameleon Charm, my commission work, and my Artist Alley appearances. I love to draw and enjoy what I do and I’m glad I can do what I love to get by.

I like to classify my style as a mix between Western cartoon-y styles and an Eastern anime style. I always try to work in some kind of flowing, moving poses to my work and pay a lot of attention to movement, thanks to my background in animation. For many of the shows I attend, I usually have work focused in anime, comic, and video game fanart, though I have started to do bring in more original character design work, as well as my original comic, Chameleon Charm.

Chameleon Charm is very important to me and even though its a project all done for the fun of it, I would love to see it get a decent reader following and get into the hands of more readers. Though the entirety of the comic is available online, I do offer physical issues at shows for those who like a more hands-on approach to comics. I’ve been working on the comic now for about four years and have a little more than 5 chapters finished with a lot more to come and I would love to share my story and work with other comic lovers.