Evan Heuker

Evan was born and raised in a small town of Michigan. In a place where there are more cows than people Evan had a mind that would go elsewhere. A sixth grade English assignment that taught about all the different genres he found that he favored science fiction and fantasy. Evan wrote a story for the assignment. Later in eighth grade a similar assignment came about, and he brought back the story and even after he turned it in he continued to work on it.
Within Evan’s time writing his story The Lord of the Rings came to cinema and that was the fuel to light his imagination. He read The Hobbit and that was his biggest influence on what a story could be. Evan graduated from Oakland University with a BFA in Theater acting and has been working with his local community theater for several years.
When Evan isn’t working or writing he plays video games, mostly World of Warcraft and other RPGs.

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