Erik Hodson

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Bio: Erik Hodson is a longtime indie comics creator and media personality. From his webtoon Dreaded Dinosaur man, to his current roster of Print comic projects like Roddy Piper Kilted Avenger, British Bulldog UK Defender and American Bliss.  From anime to Wrestling Erik’s art has found its way into some high spots. He’s worked with Mick Foley, Starrcast and other to produce one of a kind images as well as provided art for Voice Actors dubbing your favorite anime!


Friday at 4:00pm in Grand Gallery D

How to freaking draw!

Anyone can learn to draw! In this practical guide for beginners and beyond, illustrator Erik Hodson breaks down his Toolbox methodology that he developed during his time in education. This system breaks traditional thinking that “talent” is required in order to put pen to paper.