Eric Sobel Art

Booth D-2

Eric Sobel is an artist from Toledo, OH. A lifelong devotee of comic books, Eric’s
paintings, art drops, sketch cards, and drawings often represent the figures of our popular
consciousness, from superheroes and cartoon characters to pro wrestlers and horror icons.
Inspired by DIY and punk culture, he has self-published dozens of zines and mini-comics. His
most notable zine series, The Prodigious Escapades of Jimmy, explores the absurdities of
existence from the perspective of an eccentric slug. Other works include My Mom Is The
Chupacabra, Let Me Tell You About Rush, and Antisocial Construct. When not making bizarre
comics, Eric moonlights as a pop culture scholar and has written on subjects such as Masters of
the Universe, Swamp Thing, Star Wars, and She-Hulk. Recently, he contributed an essay on the
X-Men’s Wolverine to Unstable Masks: Whiteness and American Superhero Comics from the
Ohio State University Press. Eric’s work can be seen on his Etsy shop
( and his Instagram page (

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