Artist Alley Booth B-8

Hello! I’m Emily, also known as “EEK”! I am an illustrator who has been drawing for 17+ years, and
do this professionally since 2015. I even graduated with my Associates in Illustration! I would say my art
style is a fusion of Anime and semi-realism, and focusing on humans, anthros, and animals. Lately
I’ve been producing more cryptid/occult works, but I pride myself in doing an array of different genres.

Some things that I offer with my art, is: commissions, buttons, stickers, posters, bookmarks,
and prints. Aside from my drawing prowess, I also make some crafts/accessories, my most popular
attraction being my handmade flower crowns. Other crafts include my simple Cryptid plushies (Mothman
and Nessie), and floral hairclips.