Drew Norman

Booth C-7

Drew Norman has been drawing comic characters ever since he could read comics. From the time he first picked up a comic he was drawn to the compelling personalities and dynamic action they contain. Comics empower people and Drew wants to contribute and be a part of that diverse medium that inspired him as a kid. Comics have an unconventional design and a dynamic movement not found in other media. Drew loves the line work, the inking techniques and is continually amazed that so much energy can be added to a narrative through the medium. Homage, parody and superheroes fill the pages and bring to life an incredible world of entertainment and hope.

Drew began his studies as a dual enrollment student in high school at Oakland Schools Technical Campus in Michigan. Here he learned about design and the program gave him an advantage going off to college; this helped him gain portfolio scholarships as he went onto college. Drew graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2019.

website: https://drewnormandraws.com/