Dr. Mortose

Hall A, Booth A-16

It was not long after he was born that people around M. Manuel Mortose began to realize he was unique.  By the time he was four years of age he was inventing strange and wonderful devices to help his parents and he built his first autonomous robot when he was six. While most of his childhood is shrouded in mystery and secrecy Mortose was known for solving complex problems and had the confidence to tell people their solutions.

Life is cruel, and it wasn’t long before he was taught that harsh lesson. Many adults feared his intellect or treated him as if merely a childish nuisance…and he resented it.  A civic leader in the city in which he lived tried to take credit for his brilliant inventions and techniques for dealing with social problems. When approached to “make it right” the politician laughed at the ten year old child and dismissed him. A week later the politician was reported missing. The roof of his house had been removed with surgical precision and was nowhere to be found. Everything inside was accounted for and spotlessly clean. A body was never found and a local UFO research group claimed the politician had been abducted by aliens.

The cruel inconsistencies of life soon made Mortose embrace the sinister sciences more enthusiastically than ever. Having attained 2 doctorates and his MD before his thirteenth birthday he set out to force the world to follow his ideals if it wouldn’t do it willingly.

His ambitions set him in constant conflict with the super hero team known as The Power Pals, particularly one of its founding members: Green Lightning. The hero and his Jr. sidekick Sparky constantly thwarted Dr. Mortose’s plans for world domination and the battles were legendary. With Green Lightning’s death in 2001, it seemed like no one would be able to stop the sinister scientist’s nefarious plans.

In 2011 Dr. Mortose announced to the world that he had given up his “reign of villainy” and would be taking up the mantel of Horror Host. October of that year saw the first broadcast of his show: DR. MORTOSE COMMANDS featuring the film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. The show has been airing on various Public Access Television stations across the country and on the internet ever since. There is even interest in Japan.

Each episode of the show features Dr. Mortose and his monsters and minions engaging in mind control experiments through the broadcasts crazy adventures around the world and beyond!

His exotic cast of characters include fellow scientists Dr. Darling and Professor Blorgo (who is a Capuchin Monkey), Mz. Tantrum (Head of Dr. Mortose’s HR department), Slyvrrz the clown, Mr. Smogg (Head of Security), Tiffy the evil cheerleader, Stabitha, Svacious Krude, Zolgor the mighty (A monster made in the lab.), Togar, Rasputin and Bob (Three of the many red shirted minions), Raggedy Reaper (A “cute” experiment.), Ty Die (A very colorful monster) and many more! You may even see the giant kaiju Krisper if you keep watching the show.

Dr. Mortose has decided to attend GRAND RAPIDS COMIC-CON this year as part of an experiment to draw in more minions to serve him. OBEY DR. MORTOSE!

Dr. Mortose airs every Friday night at 11:30 pm on GRTV. You can find our mad scientist on Facebook here. You can find their first episode featuring Night of the Living Dead here.