Dice Tales: DnD Live!

Friday, November 9

7:00-11:55 pm

Grand Gallery Overlook C-D

Come watch performers Cari Scholtens, Chuck Fortenbacher, Liz Brand, and Ross Johnson gather around the table of Gamemaster Brooke Heintz in this live tabletop RP event. Combining the classic fantasy D&D setting of Forgotten Realms with the Pathfinder rules system, this performative evening of fast-paced RP will bring you hours of laughter, thrills, might & magic, and of course, dramatic dice-slinging! This will be a one-shot story featuring the characters from Dice Tales’ “Straight Outta the Forgotten Realms” campaign.

Dice Tales is a monthly live tabletop RPG show, where local actors take on the role of brave adventurers and weave their story together right in front of an audience. We usually perform as a charity show for Dog Story Theater, continuing our campaign storyline “Straight Outta the Forgotten Realms”.

Their Facebook invite page for this event is here.