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Dirk Manning is the writer/creator of comic series such as the supernatural noir Tales of Mr. Rhee and the genre-bending horror anthology Nightmare World. More of Dirk’s comic work includes Twiztid Haunted High-Ons (nominated for three Ringo Awards in 2020, including Best Humor Comic), Butts in Seats: The Tony Schiavone Story, Buried But Not Dead (Ringo Award nominee for Best Original Graphic Novel in 2021), Hope, The Adventures of Cthulhu Jr., and Love Stories (to Die For). Now predominantly publishing with Source Point Press, Dirk was an early adapter in using crowdfunding to launch his comics and graphic novels, with Dirk’s work having raised over $400,000 and counting in pre-sales on Kickstarter alone.

Dirk is also the author of the inspirational/how-to column turned book series Write or Wrong: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Comics and has contributed several short stories to the RPG game series Clockwork: Dominion for Reliquary Game Studios. His screenplay writing credits include the YouTube horror series Blackbox TV episode “The Hunger” (directed by Drew Daywalt and featuring Bonnie Aarons and Jon Gries).

When not at his desk writing, touring the comic convention circuit, and/or sampling his way across the best ice cream shops in the world, Dirk can be found online at www.DirkManning.com and on most social media platforms as @dirkmanning.

He does not wear a top hat and scarf in real life.


Friday at 4:15 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook E

Dirk Manning

WRITE OR WRONG: “Creating Comics By the Numbers”

Whether you’re a writer or an artist, finding the time, energy, and finances to create comics can be daunting to the point where it completely stifles the creative process. Writer Dirk Manning (TALES OF MR. RHEE, BUTTS IN SEATS, WRITE OR WRONG, etc.) not only understands this struggle and has found ways to overcome and thrive by analyzing the numbers that will help you survive and thrive! If you’re interested in creating comics – or you are a current creator looking for some more tips – make the time to attend this informative and entertaining panel and Q&A session by a comic writer whose creator-owned graphic novels have raised over $400K on Kickstarter to date! Plan on taking notes…

Saturday at 1:45 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook E

Dirk Manning

WRITE OR WRONG: How to Manage Your Brand As a Creator

Writer Dirk Manning (BURIED BUT NOT DEAD, HAUNTED HIGH-ONS, WRITE OR WRONG) discusses how to build your personal brand as an aspiring writer or artist in order to get others to notice your creator-owned comics in this informative and entertaining panel! Topics discussed include networking, successfully working with other creators, Kickstarter, and more! Doing the “desk work” is only the first step — but what comes next? Hear this veteran creator guide you through the steps to success!