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Alex Page is creating handicrafts, designs, and cosplays in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A native of the East side of the state, she moved here to attend GVSU. After earning a BFA in Illustration, she worked full-time and did art at night. In collaboration with her wife, webcomic artist and video game developer Rinoa Page (HeartGear), Alex created the Legend of Tarot, a divination deck based on a popular video game series.

Alex used the Legend of Tarot to launch a Kickstarter, which enabled her to start an Etsy shop and spend more time on art. Since then she has designed other card decks – the Playing Cards of Legend, A Cat in King Arthur’s Court, and Dogs Playing Poker. You can find her work on Etsy under Deosil Designs or right here in Grand Rapids at Vault of Midnight Comics Books & Stuff. Her newest achievement is PokerMon – playing cards based off of the beloved video game series that feature friendly monsters and a clean black-and-red-design.