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My name is Ken Johnson and i’m a Writer and comic creator originating from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have built a following and name for myself and my company, Deadmen Ink Productions, as not only an independent content creator, but reaching new heights in academic nerd content. Over the last several years, I have created the five book series “The Man Who Watched Batman”, a series analyzing the entirety of the 1990’s show “Batman The animated series”(now expanding into “Batman Beyond” and “Superman: The Animated Series”). The books tackle the entire show episode by episode, scene by scene, and even line by line or its 122 episode run. This series has gone on to sell several hundred copies both online and at conventions.

In the world of Comic books, I’ve released 2 issues of my Comic book series “Corpse Corp.” Corpse Corp. is a high concept slasher comic made in an Homage to the horror Comics and movies of the 80’s and 90’s. Also by the time the convention comes around, my newest Dark Fantasy comic “The Trials of Beatrice” will have released at minimum it’s first issue with plans to debut an issue at Grand Rapids Comic Con with a special Variant cover. Deadmen Ink Productions has been a staple of this convention tabling at nearly every single year since the very beginning.

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Saturday at 1:45 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook E

Saturday Morning Fever

The Saturday morning Cartoon era is one of the most pervasive and influential TV movements in history. so much of our culture, whether we realize it or not, is shaped by the media that we consumed as children. Despite that, so little critical attention is given to this genre. Join this panel with Ken Johnson as we celebrate this underappreciated genre and enjoy this wacky, yet educational look at the world of Saturday morning Cartoons.

Sunday at 11:15 am in Grand Gallery Overlook B

Travis McIntire and Ken Johnson

The Endless Search For New Talent

Travis McIntire (Source Point Press) and Ken Johnson (Deadmen Ink) discuss the process of finding new talent to work on their books and what they are really looking for in new people to write and draw their titles. You may be surprised!