Like all great reporters, Lois Lane is always on the job getting the scoop on all things Superman–and usually being saved by The Man Of Steel in the process. Make sure to meet Margot Kidder, Lois Lane in the Superman movies from 1978-1987, at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con on November 9-11. Her page for the show is here.

Come on kids, admit it: deep down, you love Howard The Duck. You love the wise quacking antics that he has delivered over the years at Marvel Comics, and stashed away in your collection somewhere is a copy of the infamous 1985 film. Meet the man in the duck suit himself, Tim Rose, at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con and have him sign that VHS tape you have stashed away. Tim’s web page is here.

Hall Of Heroes Comic Book Historical Display at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con!



The Grand Rapids Comic-Con will have an extensive display of comic books and assorted memorabilia available for perusing in the vending hall courtesy of the Hall Of Heroes Museum in Elkhart, Indiana.

Hall of Heroes is the only Super Hero and Comic Book Museum in the world. We cover the entire 75 year history of Super Heroes in Comics, Toys, Film and Animation. Hall of Heroes is in a 2 story replica of The Hall of Justice from the classic Super Friends cartoon. We also feature a replica of the Bat Cave set from the 1960′s television series along with Adam Wests original Batman Costume on display WOW!!! You can see the original Shield used in the film Captain America: The First Avenger on display in our Hollywood Heroes section.We also feature the Golden Age Era of Comics 1938-1955 and a Captain America #1 from 1941 on display  along with many other great comics and toys from the WW II era. Our Silver Age Era from 1956-1969 includes all of the 1st Marvel Comics as well as several rare tin toys from this era including the rare Marvel Super Hero Express tin train.

These are just a few of the rare items you will see here at our museum which features over 60,000 comic books, 10,000+ toys, figures and props and over 100+ pieces of original art comic pages and animation cells from your favorite cartoons and comic books.

You can find their website here.

Cosplay Crusaders at the Grand Rapids Comic-Con

The Cosplay Crusaders is a cosplay charity group that is run by a group of friends that volunteer their time in the community!

We are comprised of superheroes, antiheroes and villains (we put away the grudges to help out a cause) that donate our time to any organization that could benefit from us! We’ve done hospital visits with Mary Free Bed and Helen Devos, we’ve worked with two autism programs (Centria and Hope Network) as well as Purple Community/Van Andel Institute and the Arthritis foundation for their events. We’ve also helped with a school’s 100th day, comic book shop events and sporting events!

We love anything that gets us involved and helps us build the community!

For information visit their Facebook page here.