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Michigan based artist Dan Monroe has been creating illustrations and works of art for over thirty years. His work has been exhibited and sold in art galleries across the country, and he taught art at Western Michigan University. From his early days learning airbrush techniques in the street markets of Hawaii to formal classes at Kendall College, he has honed his craft, working as illustrator on a number of creative projects, including illustrating children’s books for such celebrities as Dennis Rodman, former “Baywatch” actress Erika Eleniak, Hector Camacho, Jr, Sybil Danning from the Howling 2 and numerous other movies, and actor Robert Rusler, who starred in “Weird Science” and was a regular on the sci-fi cult TV show “Babylon 5”. He also illustrated the children’s book by current Heavyweight Boxing World Champion Deontay Wilder.

He has also worked with Heroes Fallen Studio,creating graphic-novel style re-tellings of soldiers’ stories from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the Korean War Volume 2- a collection of Korean War stories told by the warriors who lived them, and illustrated in a graphic novella. This project was funded by the Department of Defense to commemorate the sixtieth year since the ending of the Korean War.

Dan is the current host of a new art show called “Dragonbrush Arts Live” which airs on Kalamazoo public access television and YouTube. You can find episodes here.

Dan lives with his wife Lori and children, and their cat named Thor.

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Friday at 5:45 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook C-D

Dan Monroe

Artist Etiquette 101

The artist of numerous celebrity written children’s books will take a semi comedic look at how to, and more importantly, how not to interact with artists of all levels. What should you say, or not say. How do you act, how the artist should act in return.

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