Dan Monroe

Booth W-26

Michigan based artist Dan Monroe has been creating illustrations and works of art for over thirty years. His work has been exhibited and sold in art galleries across the country, and he taught art at Western Michigan University. From his early days learning airbrush techniques in the street markets of Hawaii to formal classes at Kendall College, he has honed his craft, working as illustrator on a number of creative projects, including illustrating children’s books for such celebrities as Dennis Rodman, Erika Eleniak, Hector Camacho, Jr, Wesley Eure, Kevin Sorbo, and several others.

Dan has a very wide range of variety in subject matter and genres, from the illustrations for children’s books to hero adventure comic art, and sci-fi and fantasy paintings and illustrations.

Along with his art making, Dan also produces two television shows in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan, with the Public Media Network (PMN). One of the shows is a kids adventure show which features the pirate “Captain Wallace”, which Dan also plays the part. The Captain Wallace Artsy Adventures, Inc. is also a non-profit organization which promotes the stimulation of imaginative creation of children.

Stop by Dan’s booth as he will be taking orders for commissions and convention sketches as he works on a painting and other artwork while you watch! Many books, posters, and original art from his many projects will also be available for purchase.

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To pre-order a convention sketch, or to commission a piece of original art from Dan, please contact him via email at dan.monroe.art@gmail.com.


Friday at 3:15 pm in Downstairs Bar

Dan Monroe

How to (Maybe Not) Talk to an Artist!

A humorous discussion of how to talk to an artist, and more importantly, perhaps, how not to talk to an artist!  Dan draws upon his own personal experiences over the past forty years of being a professional artist, and lends a witty slant to many awkward conversations which have been had over the years.

Saturday at 1:45 pm in Downstairs Bar

Dan Monroe

A Captain Wallace Artsy Adventure!

Ahoy, young mateys! Join Michigan’s own digital pirate, Captain Wallace and crew for an artsy pirate-y adventure!  Group participation will be encouraged as the good Captain recalls an adventure and invites us all to head into an artsy adventure!  Family fun for everyone!