Artist Commissions

The following are the national artists attending the Grand Rapids Comic-Con that are currently accepting art commissions for the show ahead of time. These are for the people who would like a more detailed art piece that would take longer than a standard sketch. It is best to order commissions ahead of time so that they can be delivered to the show. Almost every artist will be willing to do sketches at their booth, but for those who would like a piece more detailed would be able to contact these artists ahead of time for an order.

Prices and types of commissions vary greatly from artist to artist, so it would be best to ask each artist their prices and specific details. Each artist page will have a contact in italic bold right below their booth number for you to contact for details.

It is safe to say that virtually all artists in the Artist Alley will be taking commissions ahead of time for the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. You can find a complete list of the Artist Alley participants here.

Robert Pope

Michael Golden

Mike Grell

Renee Witterstaetter

Matt Haley

Thom Zahler

Comfort and Adam

Douglas Paszkiewicz

Scott Rosema

K Lynn Smith

Jason Moore

Randy Zimmerman